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Life Insurance for Pilots

Life is full of surprises. To make yourself secure, you need to make a better plan for your future. Danger in


life can come at any time at your doorstep, not necessarily when you are alone at home, work, on your way but also when you are among your loved ones. But all these can be dealt with if you are covered by your life insurance. It is a challenge for everyone to do with his life so that if any accident happens, at least one doesn’t have to worry in terms of money and can be treated in the best possible way.

Private pilot is a person who generally has his own aircraft or take it on rent so that he can fly it sometime for pleasure, personal use or for business purposes. Generally, a private pilot is a person who fly planes for private trips or they are professionals who fly to have fun. Their flying do not involve risk as they fly in a good weather condition with a well maintained aircraft. They also do not do lots of experiments and only fly at those locations which are familiar to them. So while insuring the private pilot there is not so risk involved, but still the standard insurance company rejects their application for the same.

There are several other companies who deal with aviation and provide very good life insurance for private pilots. They have agents which keep a close eye on the life of pilots, understanding the risk involved in their life. But in cases where pilots do their insurance from non-aviation related company their flying will not be covered in that and if they include that in insurance then they have to pay high premium value for that. Though there is minimum risk in the lives of these pilots, still they are forced to pay more. When these pilots fly, they have no exposure to the passenger and this makes it the safest kind of ride. As these pilots fly the aircraft just for pleasure, so they go out for a ride in good weather condition and when there is good visibility.

But for having proper insurance with no market risk covered, some points should be checked and should be taken care of while going for insurance. The underwriter should have experience of aviation and should have knowledge about aviation guidelines so that you get the insurance easily and then with your well maintained aircraft you can enjoy your hobby safely.

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I got Injured in the Workplace – Now What?

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I got this question so many times than you can imagine. I work in employment and labour laws and this is by far the most commonly asked question thrown around by employees. if you were injured in the workplace, what happens next? Unless it was due to your negligence (e.g. slipping on wet floor knowing that the sign was there), you can file for a claims or compensation case with your lawyer if your employer doesn’t help out. The injury needs to be more severe than stapling your finger or getting your finger caught in the door.

Serious injuries like falling down the stairs or even breaking something when you slip on wet floor because the maintenance personnel forgot to put up the sign are grounds for compensation. The company has the obligation to help pay for your medical expenses. It also depends on how severe the injury is. A broken limb can be grounds for compensation, and ongoing treatment may or may not be compensated by the company. it also boils down on how good your company’s insurance policy is.

Major injuries in the workplace can be compensated by your employers if it was not your fault.

” The company has the obligation to help pay for your medical expenses.” – Elija Jonhson, CA, San Diego DUI attorneys

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Protect your Rights as a Driver – Get Help from Us

As a lawyer who specializes in collision and medical injuries, I have seen a lot of people who get a screwed up form of justice where they end up paying the other driver even though they were the victims. A couple of months ago, I had a client who got rear-ended by a drunk driver. The force of the accident gave him a whiplash and he had a few broken bones in his neck area. The other driver, who shall not be named, was a government official and a high ranking one at that. He refused to pay my client on the spot of the accident and it led to a full blown court battle. Of course, we lost because of the position of the government official.

But I wasn’t about to give up. I got the case reopened and got help from a lawyer buddy of mine. Apparently, the politician had a few cases similar to mine in the last couple of years. We got it reopened by another judge who looked into it and this time, we got the justice that we needed. Our law firm specializes in justice and that we strive to give our clients the justice that they deserve.

If you’re someone who just got his license for the first time, sit down and talk with us.

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