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Cruise Ship Passenger Injury – What Do I Do Now?Featured

slide-personal-attention copyThe cruise ship industry is a growing industry welcoming millions of passengers on board each and every year. Guests arrive expecting to sail into the sunset, spend their days relaxing in the sun and meeting likeminded people.

Unfortunately there are the odd times when something goes wrong and someone hurts themselves while on board. Many guests will fall, be bruised and sore and not feel as though they should approach the ship for assistance. Many don’t realize that the cruise ship company has an obligation to their guests, ensuring they are safe at all times.

If you experience a passenger injury it’s essential that you report it immediately to the ship. You can report it to a senior member of staff or the captain and they should take all the information and write up a full report, detailing the accident and any injuries sustained.

Always ask for a copy of the written report for your records. It’s imperative you get this report and keep it with you until you return home. This is proof that you sustained a passenger injury and you may have a right to claim.

Important Things to Know About a No Medical Life Exam Insurance


As you plan to apply for a no medical life insurance, you can’t help but ask certain questions about it. Apart from the type of insurance available, you may also wonder how your application will be reviewed for approval when there are no blood works and laboratory exams done.

Well, you don’t need to answer any health questions; that is certain. But you will still go through an interview process. After your questionnaire is filled out, you will be receiving a phone interview with your insurance agent. This person can be your screener or underwriter who reviews the data you have provided. They will also investigate on your records by referring to your Motor Vehicle record, Medical Information Bureau and Pharmacy Database. By doing so, they will know if you maintain a medication, is suffering from an illness or has been involved on a car accident in the past. For this reason, you have to be honest in answering all questions on the questionnaire. In fact, you have to admit if you have been declined in your life insurance application in the past. Besides, they will know about it when they do an MIB check. So better be true in your answers rather than getting denied in your application for providing wrong data on the questionnaire.

Your next concern may be the length of waiting time before you finally get the approval that you want. Well, normally it takes 2-10 business days for the company to review your papers and approve or deny your application. This will vary depending on what type of policy you are applying for or the cost of death benefit you want to buy for the coverage. Your coverage may not be applicable right away after your first payment. Some insurance companies will still let you wait for a certain period of time like 2 years before you are fully covered. Again, this will depend on your personal health profile.

The good news is; even applicants with fatal illnesses like cancer, cardiac disorder or diabetes can apply for a life insurance with no medical exam. This is if you apply for a “Guaranteed Issue” type of insurance. However, this type can be more expensive and because of greater health risk, you can only avail for a smaller death benefit. So, when buying life insurance with no medical exam, make sure that you have all your queries answered. After all, you can only get the most of your life insurance if you know the extent of its coverage.


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Experience an Easier Car Payment Term With Valley Auto Loans!



Nowadays, everyone is looking for a way to save on their expenses and that includes savings on their car payments. Because of the unstable behavior of the economy and rising unemployment rate on the population, it is but normal for an individual to look for ways to cut on costs. This includes saving on your car installments. One smart way of saving up on your car’s monthly payments is to go for a car refinancing loan offered by Valley Auto Loans. This great company has catered those who have good credit standing and low credit scores alike and have been helpful in giving individuals the help that they need in order for them to save thousands of dollars in their car installments. For those who have good credit standing, car refinance application comes easy.

Sadly, most individuals who seek refinancing options are the ones with bad credit standing which means they have a good chance of getting disapproved in the event that they apply for car refinance loans offered by other financial institutions. With Valley Auto Loans, the individuals who have bad credit standing are given the chance to reestablish themselves by making their car payments lighter on the pocket. They have created the best refinance auto loan with bad credit loans plus they also help their clients learn how to refinance car loan with bad credit. Everyone knows that financial setbacks can happen to any individual in unexpected ways. That is why these individuals should get a chance to have refinancing options too! What’s great with Valley Auto Loans is that they will help you learn how to refinance car loan with bad credit. They will help you understand the benefits you will get when you get your car refinanced. You may also enjoy an easy application process that gives out the results in a matter of hours. With this great company, almost everyone gets approved because they have an 85% approval on all of their applications.

With Valley Auto Loans, you can now have a chance to take control of your expenses as your car payments are now easy on the pocket! Valley Auto Loans offers this and more, so if you want to learn more about their great offers, you may visit their website! You can check out their different offers and you may even apply online! What are you waiting for? Visit the Valley Auto Loans website today and apply for your auto refinance loan!

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Savings to Get You Ready for Life

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As with acquiring insurance policies such as life insurance for diabetics, getting ready for retirement is another reason why people try to save as much as they can while they’re still employed. Most people nowadays try their best to set something aside towards their super or superannuation funds from the time they start working, or from the time their employers can start paying super for them. You’ll want to live out your retirement in relative comfort and ease after all so might as well start early.

There are two types of super benefits, preserved and non-preserved. Preserved super benefits are benefits that can’t be cashed until a member meets a certain condition for release and can only be accessed or withdrawn upon your retirement or any specified situation. Non-preserved super benefits on the other hand, are those that can be generally withdrawn anytime and a member doesn’t have to meet any conditions for release. Moreover, when you do retire, these benefits can be paid out in the form of a lump sum, pension, or a combination of both.

Since some people have difficulty saving money, the government has come up with an ingenious way of encouraging them to do so by coming up with concessions for the tax on superannuation. It starts with a rate of 15% for pre-tax contributions to super, as well as for any income earned on your investment rather than the marginal rate. This allows you to boost tax effectively and best of all, withdraw this money from super tax-free as lump sum or pension when you reach the age of 60.

If for some reason you need to get your super under the age of 60, note that the taxable component on your benefits is assessable income or income that is used to work out what rate of payment you receive.

Another good thing about superannuation funds is that you are able to choose the best fund for you. You can choose the type of fund you want your employee contributions paid into as long as it’s a complying fund or funds that receive concessional tax treatment because it’s regulated under the regular super legislation.

To be eligible for this type of fund, your super must be paid under federal award, you are employed under another award or agreement that doesn’t require super support, and you are not employed under any award or industrial agreement, including being a contractor paid for labor. You may also choose what type of tax on superannuation concessions is available for you to take advantage of by consulting a financial adviser and have the advantage of availing an affordable life insurance for diabetics.

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